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What does your makeup kit look like? Perfect? Or does it need some extra sauce?

It’s the level up season and you do not want to be left behind on these Zaron beauty makeup products.

We know you want your makeup game to be tight and Insta-worthy, ours as well. There a couple of beauty brands out there with different beauty products to embellish your face and pop-up your looks.

We looked at Jumia and found these amazing beauty products Zaron is putting out and we thought we should have a few of these items in your makeup kits.

We picked 7 of our favorite piece on sales on Jumia right now.

1. Zaron Mattifying Powder

Zaron Mattifying Compact Powder
Image: Jumia

The Zaron Mattifying Powder is a beauty product which suits the black skin tone perfectly well, and it also works greatly in tropical climatic conditions as we have here on this part of the world.

You could be sure not to bother about regular checks on your face with this item, it keeps all the oily oily things in check giving your face a perfect finish that lasts for a long time and in case you didn’t know, it contains SPF Sun Protection Formula.

We particularly appreciate this feature because it protects you from ultraviolet B rays which tend to damage the epidermis and the outer layers of your skin.

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2. Zaron Eclypse Lipstick Collection

Zaron Eclypse Collection Lipstick
Image: Jumia

Need to pop your look automatically? You can never go wrong with the Zaron Eclypse Lipstick.

Its rich textured looks will make you stand out in a room, it hydrates the lips and lasts for a long time, you can be sure of that.

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3. Zaron Volumizing Mascara -Sky Fall

Zaron Volumizing Mascara - Sky Fall
Image: Jumia

Here’s a mascara that makes your lashes awesomely longer, fuller and with great volume that will make people ask you if those are your natural lashes. Want to pull out a natural look without lashes?

This is a must get, Zaron Volumizing Mascara- Sky Fall is our favorite for now.

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4.  Zaron Face Primer

Zaron Cosmetics Zaron Face Primer
Image: Jumia

This masterpiece creates a base for your foundation to provide a smoother and more sleek and flawless look. It allows for long standing make up due to its oil control and moisturizing property.

It is important to know that this face primer creates a layer between your skin and the makeup, that’s healthy!

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5. Zaron Mini Brush Set

Zaron Mini Brush Set
Image: Jumia

This mini brush set contains the essentials you need to apply that beauty product adequately. It bristles are gentle to the skin and each piece allows for a sleek and flawless finish.

This mini-brush set is a perfect add-on for your trips. Easy to carry and extremely portable.

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6. Zaron Healthy Glow Liquid Liner

Zaron HD Liquid Liner
Image: Jumia

From the times of the Egyptians who notably lined their eyes, we are talking about the types of Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Nefertiti .

These ancient Fashion Statement is still a bomber till now!

To get a boldly defined eyes, the Zaron HD Liquid Liner is to be commended on this, it is easy to apply in one try. Trust me.

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7. Zaron Perfect Finish Liquid Spray

Zaron Perfect Finish Liquid Spray
Image: Jumia

This products perfects your work, it’s comfortable to wear as its micro-droplets moisturizes the face. It allows your make up to sit for a long time even in harsh conditions.

Here, makeup meltdown is not an option.

It just stays.

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